Total freedom to create bathroom furniture that fits 100% to your space and taste.

MIO is the answer if you are looking for a balanced space. An elegant and contemporary design with high functional performance and a unique aesthetic. MIO stands out for its straight lines and angular handle, discreet, but with personality.

That is why we present Royo Modular, more than a product, a design philosophy. We are each as we are. We are our tastes and our crazes. Each of us enjoys a lifestyle.

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24 in, 32 in and 40 in.

Unit side: 8 in.

Open Module Finishes

Black and Sand Matt.


32 in, 40 in, 48 in, 56 in, 64 in, 72 in, 80 in and 88 in.

Vanity Finishes

Matt White, Grey Elm and Sand Matt.